Future Tactics: The Uprising is a turn based tactical shooter video game by Zed Two . Once known as Pillage, this colorful turn based shooter was stuck in development for a number of years before being picked up by Crave for a US release, followed shortly by JoWood for a European release. It plays a lot like the Worms 3D games and has a story penned by Paul Rose , who used to write the video game page Digitiser on Channel 4's Teletext. The game features a geo-mod system in which almost anything can be destroyed, leaving battlefields scarred by craters.

While not entirely successfull critically, does its fair share of fans.It was released on PlayStation 2 , Xbox , GameCube  and Windows . A Gizmondo  version was planned but canceled after Tiger Telematics  went bankrupt.

Set in the not too distant future, when Earth as we know it has succumbed to a race of extra-dimensional creatures. All hopes for restoring order on the shoulders of a young boy, his sister and their crazy rebellious posse of militants. In more concrete terms, Future Tactics: The Uprising is a turn-based tactical RPG that's built around a highly complex battle engine, and features Story Mode and a two-player Battle Mode. Future Tactics: The Uprising comprises 18 3D environments, 19 levels, deformable terrain, fully animated and voiced cutscenes, a two-player customizable battle mode, the ability to custom build your team members with upgrades, and a Boot Camp tutorial mode.


Gameplay always involves a set of two teams. One team moves all its players, and then the other. The characters fire by aiming at a target and then matching two lines for the precise firing zone. Depending on the upgrades received, the player characters may also zoom in or add an extra boost of power before firing. Firing can destroy parts of the environment, which is one of the selling points of the game. Character progression is based on experience attained from killing enemies, or finding hidden items in the environment. Gaining a level lets the player pick a new ability or boost for the character. The first levels have the player fail a level upon the death of a character, but eventually the characters can be resurrected.